Brinck Johnsen’s 2008
February - Wednedsay 13 - 2008

Brinck Johnsen’s 2008 edition of his regular quintet features lead trumpeter and fluegelhornist Per Martin Berg, pianist Torkel Hasle, bassist Staale Amundsen and drummer Dag Arild Espeseth.
They started of this year with a Gerry Mulligan project, playing tunes from the 50’s when GM had Chet Baker in his quartet.
“It was great fun playing that lovely music again, and it was very much appreciated by the audiences we played for. This music is almost forgotten, and it needs to come to younger peoples attention, and as well, it brings back memories for those of us that’s been around for some time. This music is timeless.” Says Brinck.
His group is now working on a newer repertory with more latin flavour. This includes original material as well as new conceptions of old standards. “Having a trumpeter with a lot of lead experience pays off,” says Brinck.”Our arrangements are very tight, and we hope for some good festival gigs this summer. Comes autumn, will be in studio for a new recording.”