Bernt Brinck-Johnsen was born in Oslo, Norway Dec. 1946.
His father was a pilot and war hero who joined the underground resistance under the German occupation in World War II, and was also known to be a skilled drummer in both professional and amateur jazz and dancebands.
So his great love of music was imparted from a very early age in their home.

Bernt, mostly known as Brinck, started out on drums and was playing gigs from his teens.
At the age of 19 he began playing the saxophone to satisfy his need to play melodically.
Brinck is completely self-taught on the instrument and his feeling for jazz, and his big sound,
expresses a profound admiration for the great masters of jazz.
His roots and understanding of tradition at any given time show in his improvisation and spontaneous creativity.

Brinck Johnsen played in several house bands at Oslo’s famous Club 7 in the 70’s, and
started his own club, Jazz Alive, in 1980.
This was the pinnacle of the Norwegian club scene until the difficult economy forced
an end to the club after several years.
The club was famous for presenting top international artists, either as groups,
or in collaboration with top notch local musicians.
Brinck is now situated on the east coast of Norway and leads his own group,
both as a touring band and recording artists.